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RNS:: Hi-Launcher user's manual

Using the Start button tap triggerRNS:: logo

You should begin with opening the Menu Trigger screen in Hi-Launcher Settings and selecting the Start button tap trigger.

With this trigger setting, Hi-Launcher will work as a Start Menu replacement. Its Menu will pop up whenever you tap the Start button. This is the default setting if you selected to use a pre-loaded Menu during Hi-Launcher's installation, or used the Load Special menu command available in the main screen. Note that as long as Hi-Launcher is active you will not be able to access the original Start Menu.

HintsRNS:: logo

Hi-Launcher is equipped with a deadlock prevention mechanism. Imagine a situation that you use the Start button tap Menu trigger, losing access to your original Start Menu. You also forgot to put Programs, File Explorer, Hi-Launcher, or a similar item in the Menu that would let you access Hi-Launcher Settings. Consequently you have no ability to disable Hi-Launcher nor have access to programs other than those in your Menu. You may cope with such deadlock in two ways. To run Hi-Launcher Settings you can:

  • Press Ctrl+H over Hi-Launcher's Menu.
  • Press-and-hold Ctrl while dismissing any message box triggered by Hi-Launcher's trigger.

Use the screen keyboard to press Ctrl+H or Ctrl. Once you are back in Hi-Launcher Settings you may re-design your Menu and fix the problems.

On Windows Mobile 6.5, even if you use the Start button tap trigger, you can still access the original Start Screen: tapping on the Start button will trigger Hi-Launcher, while tapping to the right of it will open the original Start Screen.

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Visit Hi-Launcher's home site to learn more about the software.

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