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RNS:: WeekUp Alarm Clock forum thread

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Jan Wiland wrote: February 21st, 2008
I like this program, but it needs refinement:
1.When the alarm sounds it should display clock in the biggest font possible. Also "snooze" and "OK" buttons sucks - way too small. Instead tapping the screen once should snooze the alarm, twice - should turn it off - Many people are nearsighted and don't see well in bed - nobody wears glasses there!!!
2.For Wi-Fi capable Palms- downloading the newest weather forecast at particular location at the preset time to display in the morning beside the clock (maybe the selectable page) would be a nice touch. This could be an opportunity to boost SALES!!! (i.e. downloading manually every time with trial version, an automatic download at preset time with full version)
I would then purchase the program myself!!!

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: February 27th, 2008
I will see what can be done. Thanks for the ideas, Jan.

Jan Wiland wrote: February 27th, 2008
Another good idea would be to consider changing three volume levels (low, med and high) into six: (very low, low, med, high, very high and ASCENDING)
Also since often there's TWO people in the bedroom dual alarm would be better than single alarm.

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: March 1st, 2008
Thanks, I'll consider these, too.

Jan Wiland wrote: March 4th, 2008
I will give you some more input:
1.Powering the palm off turns the alarm off, but neither clears nor snoozes the alarm. I think it should clear it!!
2.When the user touches a screen for a brief moment to snooze it, the palm should confirm this event back by a single beep or chirp (so the person knows the alarm was snoozed). If the screen was touched for more than a 1.5 seconds it should double beep to signal that the alarm will be cleared.
3.The display's background could be selectable with a choice of few basic light colors.

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: March 5th, 2008
re 3. What for? :-)

Jan Wiland wrote: March 6th, 2008
In case of a dual alarm the background could be pink for her and blue for him. That is of a very small importance anyway, you can throw it in - even just to make a clock look a little bit different when the customer gets tired of looking at the clock on a white background.- and this won't require that much extra code, right?
And besides downloading the weather forecast think also about playing web radio station - first quietly, than louder and louder

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: March 10th, 2008
I'm afraid that would be too much for such a small and simple application like WeekUp. But of course I'll keep it in mind! Thanks

AnthonyJK wrote: May 21st, 2008
Just bought the program,

A few more features would be nice:

1) More than one alarm for each day
2) Different Ringtone for each day
3) Also mp3 capabilities for alarms :)

Then it would be perfect.

Pertains to: Palm Centro

Colin MacKellar wrote: July 2nd, 2008
I too would really like to have 2 regular alarms in a day. Thanks, Colin

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: July 3rd, 2008
Well, this would complicate WeekUp a bit, and I'd like it to remain as simple as it can be. For more advanced (but also more complicated to manage) alarm options, you can always use Calendar on your Palm.

AnthonyJK wrote: July 6th, 2008
There are no sound alarms for the calendar app on my Palm.

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: July 8th, 2008
On Centro? There are! Call the "Options"=>"Sound Preferences" menu command in Calendar to configure them.

Jan Wiland wrote: July 8th, 2008
Of course there are many ways to have dual alarm without changing/expanding WeekUp's program code, but advising about that is a strange business strategy.
I need the dual alarm capability myself and the clock radio I bought many years ago with DUAL ALARM is on my wife's side of the bed, so I use WeekUp and World clock alarm capabilities. Unfortunately World Clock program have a glitch and it is not convenient to turn its alarm off. I surely can try finding and downloading another program with the alarm, but it is not that important for me and I didn't bother.
Surely if you believe that changing program's code isn't worth it and won't pay back after all - don't do it!!

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: July 12th, 2008
The idea is that if I added more sophisticated capabilities to WeekUp it would become as complicated in everyday use as the Calendar app. In fact we would end up creating another Calendar app if we went this way.

I'm sorry for being so stubborn, but I'm really not going to change the main idea behind the software.

Colin MacKellar wrote: July 14th, 2008
I understand your reluctance to make things too complicated and I think adding two more columns of times and check-boxes to the interface might make it too cramped and less understandable.

How about allowing the .PRC file to be renamed (or doing it some other way), so we could run 2 copies of the program?

Obviously it's not too elegant, and it might be necessary to also rename the data store (and perhaps other objects too) to allow this to work.

What do you think?

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: July 16th, 2008
This can be achieved by renaming the database (so that it does not overwrite the original one) and changing the application's "creator ID". Also you'll have to change every occurance of Rwup (the WeekUp's creator ID) inside the database to any other 4-character string.

You can do it yourself, or you can use our contact form to contact me directly, and if you're a registered user, I'll prepare such version for you.

R. P. Ward wrote: December 1st, 2008
Just downloaded the lite version to take a look see. It looks like it'll do a good job for me. Let me give it a shakedown for a week or so then I'll probably buy the full version.


John laPlante wrote: December 22nd, 2008
I would consider buying a alarm app if it better fit my needs. I sort of agree with the first post that the size of the text is too small and the ok/snooze buttons don't work well. It is too easy to hit the ok and turn it off when I'm fumbling for the phone. I'd give up right away. While the app is free, it's really not worth that.

I've been looking for a vibrating alarm clock for a while. I bought a clunky model made for old people. It worked for a while but was also very difficult to snooze. Unfortunately it quit working. So, I thought maybe there is a good palm alarm that vibrates. While this model does vibrate, the duration is way too short. It vibrates for about 100 ms. I need it to vibrate for a minute at least.

Bob wrote: December 23rd, 2008
I think this is a good little app - simple, straight forward, does the job for me.

Well worth the $10 registration fee for the full version!



jan.wiland wrote: December 24th, 2008
I like it because it is simple and does work reliably. But it could have be better, and at least interface improvement important for me could be done without much change in the source code.
But 99% of customers won't voice their opinion. They buy it the way it is or walk away!!
Isn't that right, Radek?

Radoslaw Nowak (RNS::) wrote: December 29th, 2008
Right, Jan. But I'm really trying to keep WeekUp as simple as possible, and also the interface should remain clean.

John, I don't think that regular one-minute-long vibrations would be good for the little vibrating motor that is built into your device - it wasn't designed for long vibraitons. If you're not using sound alarms, but vibration alarms only, then set the number of repeats to a large number, and the delay to 2 seconds or so, and the vibrations will come one after another.
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